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Hi, everyone! Let me introduce myself - I’m Thien from Faculty of Basis Sciences , Thai Nguyen University of Sciences. My classmates and I have been doing a course at the Center for National Defense Education for a month. I have made a dairy of the course to tell you about our days “in the army”.

Saturday, 3rd March 2018 - Today is wet because it has been raining all the night. I think that I should spend all day to prepare my belongings to carry into the center . Not only me but everyone also feels excited to do this course. Anyway, I am a bit nervous and I don’t know why.

Sunday, 4th March 2018 - Today my friends and I enter the center. The bus stops in font of the main gate. Everyone rushed there with luggage in our hands. In the afternoon, we are taught how to fold blankets and something else. Besides, the lecturers instructed us to do our exercises for every morning. Then we clean center as instructions.

Monday, 5th March 2018 - We start a day with a duty at 3.00 am. As I am not used to getting up early, I’m very tired. Then we collect to do exercises at 5:30 am. And at 7:00 we have a meeting. We start our first lesson from 12:30 p.m to 5:00p.m.

Tuesday, 6th March 2018 - It’s like yesterday. We also start morning exercises together. Then we clear the weeds in garden. And in the afternoon, we learn about arms. I think its difficult to remember, but ill try.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018 - I have 5 lessons in the morning, and the same in the afternoon. This really hurt my foots. This the first time I feel the tense in the center.

Sunday, 11th March 2018 - Today is a day-off, I don’t go to class. Just relax

Tuesday, 13th March 2018 - This is the first time I touch a real gun and practice with it.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018 – The afternoon is so asleep. We only have a little time to sleep but must study from 1.00 p.m to 5.00 p.m. But teachers also understand us so they tell us their stories when they were young. Those stories make us feel better to concentrate on our study

Sunday, 25 March 2018 - I Think today I am really lucky. I win a prize of my university contest. That is the motivation to try more.

Then, two teachers of faculty enter to see us how we drill at noon. I talk about everything in the center since I enter. After that, my classmates do the same. A wonderful day!

Monday, 26th March 2018 - Tonight, we watch a Vietnamese comedy. It makes us feel happy.

Thursday, 30th March 2018 - The last days of the course are coming soon now. Next week we will finish the course. I can graduate or never, it’s up to me. We must take three exams. There’s a lot to remember. The teachers give us the focus to review. Let’s do it together!

Monday, 2nd April 2018 - If nothing changes, we are going to sit for exam afternoon tomorrow. I’m trying to review the last subject.

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018 - a test for the afternoon and two tests for the next day. I believe that I can do it.

Thursday, 5th April 2018 - I have finished the three subjects with three final exams, I think it’s quite good.
Today we are getting out of the center. People hurry getting things packed. In my mind, the training is really special. Partly, I want to stay here because I had a whole great month with my friends. On the other hand, I want to leave to get back to normal life. Anyway, I I have to leave to make room for the others. But I’ll come back here when I get the diploma of the course. Good bye!

­­­­­­By : Van Thien – Course 15, English for Tourism, TNUS

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